We've been helping investors reach their financial goals for over 20 years by focusing on what matters most – what they own in their portfolios and why they own it. It's that simple.

We build and manage custom portfolios that leverage the power and flexibility of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and the art of experienced investment management. Discover how our approach can help you reach your unique goals.

SMART Investing with Clarity


We combine the power of SMAs and the ART of active investment management, so your investments can do the best they can:

• A time-tested investment philosophy and strategy
• The flexibility to make the most of investment opportunities
• The structure to manage tax efficiency
• The transparency to bring peace of mind to your investments

Are your investments doing the best THAT they can?

It's a fair and straightforward question. Our proprietary no-cost, no obligation Investment Stress Test™ will help uncover any potential weaknesses or pitfalls in your current portfolio.



Are You On Track for the Future You Want?

The Clarity Roadmap™ is our proprietary investment and financial planning process that guides investors through every step of preparing for and staying on the path to accomplish their long-term goals.

Investment STRESS TEST

Do you know the biggest risks in your portfolio? Find out with our free Investment Stress Test™.




Take control of your future with the planning vehicle that helps you reach your goals.



Nepsis' operating structure, including our robust client communications, centers around keeping clients fully informed and giving them peace of mind.

The Nepsis team is dedicated to providing unrivaled client service at every level. Our goal is to always have our clients fully apprised of their investments and for them to know what they own and why they own it.

We invite you to visit our Resource Center to see some of our thought pieces for yourself.

Meet a team of investment professionals who are fully transparent and focused on you and your unique needs.




From our radio program and videos to our blog and whitepapers, we focus on clarity, not the noise of the media's coverage of the stock market.